Paige and Tim

Actress Paige Howard married actor and artist Tim Abou-Nasr in a gorgeous Central Park, New York on Sunday May 1st, with sister, actress and director Bryce, as a bridesmaid.

“Truly the most beautiful gown I have ever worn. It makes me look exactly how I feel about getting married: happy, light, romantic, and free!” “The minute I put the Lavant Blush gown on, I lit up like a Christmas tree! I’ve never felt this way about a gown before. It’s true love.” - Paige Howard

Paige wore the lovingly hand-crafted Lavant in blush. A complete showstopper, the translucent bodice is form-fitting with a deep V neck and light boning for support. Exquisite hand-cut Sakura petals cover the bodice and cascade over the skirt. At the waist, a narrow band emphasises your curves, while layers of fine ivory tulle form a full, sweeping skirt and train.

We sat down with Paige, and discussed all things romance, the big day, and the challenges of wedding planning over the last two years. Be inspired by their love story, and Paige’s bridal journey.

Tell us about you, your groom and how you met?

My sweet, romantic groom is Tim Abou-Nasr is a very talented artist ( actor, singer, guitar player, and writer ). He and I met 5 years ago when we were both taking a year long acting class at The Barrow Group in New York City. Tim is originally from Omaha, Nebraska but has spent the majority of his adult living all over the country for work. He finally settled in NYC about a year before we met. He is one of the most passionate and creative and intelligent people I know. He is incredibly loving and insatiably curious.


Tell us about the proposal?

The proposal was quite possibly the nicest surprise I have ever received! He and his sister took the train to my parents house without my knowing the day before he and I were supposed to head there for Independence Day festivities. My parents have this beautiful little tea/meditation house that is on the water. It’s my favorite place on their property. Tim printed out 300+ pictures of us from throughout our time together. He and his spent hours and hours stringing up these photos along with thousands of little twinkle lights all over the inside of the tea house.

The next day Tim and I went to my parents house, we all celebrated 4th of July. And then the next day the family fun just continued. We had a great day with my whole entire family (these days, at least one of my three siblings will often be missing due to work or other engagements, but on this day, the whole family was present !) We all went to a beautiful family breakfast, we went swimming with all the kids, we picked up dinner to bring home. It was an idyllic day! Throughout the day, Tim managed to sneak dozens of roses and champagne into the tea house. At the sunset he asked for a moment away from the family for a little quiet time. I suggested we stroll to the tea house for a breather! And when I opened the door the whole space was lit up with all these lights and pictures, our favorite songs were playing! Fireworks went off! I burst into tears!


After he proposed, we walked back to my parents house and my whole family had a ton of balloons and champagne! They had all known what he was planning! It was so, so special. This sounds sort of dark, but I know that (a long, long time from now!) on my death bed, that perfect day is going to be where my mind goes. I feel the same way about my wedding day. Both were just so happy, and full of love and laughter, and complete.


Tell us about events leading up to the wedding.  Anything relating to your wedding plans, how you approached planning your wedding, any hurdles or mishaps on the way?  

Covid, Covid, Covid! Tim and I were supposed to get married in a large wedding in NYC May 17th, 2020. When the city shutdown mid-March, we started to postpone. We then planned a different wedding for the following year, but due to my dad’s filming schedule, we had to postpone again. We were so exhausted that we decided to just step back from making plans for a bit and take a break from thinking about all the wedding stuff. Finally, this past February, we decided to just go for it! I have always wanted to get married on May 1st (May Day) but that day had never been available at any of the venues we were looking at. We decided to find a beautiful spot in Central Park, in New York City (our home and a place we love so much!), and get married on May 1st, regardless of what might arise. This time, we were doing it!

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