Megan and Jake

Looking amazing wearing the Astrid Gown with sleeves

"I am forever obsessed with my dress!"

Jake and I are high school sweethearts. We met at high school when we were 16. We had never had a class together or been in the same friend circles until one day, one of my friends said this guy in her class had given his number to her to give to me. I texted this person that night (which is so out of character for me) and we hit it off straight away and the rest is history. Fast forward and we got married 3 days after our 10 year anniversary of being together. This was so Jake never forgets the date!


The dress! I was so excited about my first appointment that I had been scrolling through all of dresses for days! I came across the Astrid dress and I fell in love with it then. It was the first dress I asked to try on. The consultant made me try on other dresses before it (which I am so glad about). I put the Astrid dress on last and I just lit up inside. It made me feel confident, sexy, romantic and beautiful all at the same time. The dress was amazing, I am forever obsessed with it!  The only tip I would give anyone about choosing a dress is don’t take on other people’s negative opinions if you love it.


The most special part of my day was the ceremony. The anticipation of seeing the other person was so intense we both burst into tears as soon as we saw each other. To make our selves stop crying we were whispering funny things to each other.


Laura and Jessie, both of you made my experience as stress free as possible even when I had given you short time lines, changed my dress and was a little indecisive. You made it a great experience and I really appreciate both of you for accommodating all of my needs it was also so nice that every time I walked in you all remembered my name and every detail we ever discussed about anything.

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