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Kerry and Tawera

Kerry_Delphinium_Kauri Bay41

Kerry and Tawera

Kauri Bay Boomrock

A huge congratulations to our beautiful bride Kerry who recently married her love Tawera and Auckland’s gorgeous Kauri Bay Boomrock. Kerry choose the fitted Delphinium gown which looked so perfect on her we are so excited to share these stunning images!

Kerry_Delphinium_Kauri Bay65
Kerry_Delphinium_Kauri Bay61
Kerry_Delphinium_Kauri Bay56
Kerry_Delphinium_Kauri Bay32
Kerry_Delphinium_Kauri Bay48
Kerry_Delphinium_Kauri Bay47
Kerry_Delphinium_Kauri Bay42
Kerry_Delphinium_Kauri Bay46
Kerry_Delphinium_Kauri Bay39
Kerry_Delphinium_Kauri Bay32
Kerry_Delphinium_Kauri Bay31

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