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Hannah and Jordan

It was the fabric which first caught my eye with this dress. I had actually already bought a dress second hand (thinking that was the only option for a short engagement) but wasn't entirely in love with it, so I decided to go to just ONE bridal shop to put my mind at rest. It didn't put it at rest - I absolutely fell in love with this dress and then had the difficult decision of whether or not it was ridiculous to buy a second dress! I am very glad I did though. I absolutely loved the dress, and I'm so glad I went with the one I loved. - Hannah

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We met many years ago, living together in a flat when I moved down to Hamilton for work. We were both very busy with our own lives during that time though, so didn’t hang out all that much. It was until a mutual friend’s wedding years later where the sparks properly flew! Jordy made the move, we got talking over cocktails and we quickly both realised that this could be something special. We were right!

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