Caitlin Scott Highlights 115 Wedding Gown Ades

Caitlin and Scott

Meeting Scott at work more then 8 years ago, I knew he’d one day be the one I’d marry.. you know when you just know!

We booked flights to Queenstown for our first time and planned out some day trips to Milford Sounds, Wanaka and Glenorchy.

Little did I know en route to our accommodation to check, in Scott decided to pull over and ask to take a photo by the lake as it began to snow. Down on one knee he went and the rest was history! He knew if a romantic date was planned I’d work out very quickly what was happening however he seemed to cover this one up very well!

Following our engagement, I knew then I’d have to get my a into g and find a dress one day! However, being a plus size woman I was dreading the day I’d have to find my ‘yes moment’ but, finding my dream dress felt effortless, easy and comfortable with the help from Katie and her team at Hera Couture!

I felt beautiful, powerful and comfortable all day long wearing my dress, I didn’t want to take it off!

Caitlin Scott Highlights 140 Wedding Gown Ades
Caitlin Scott Highlights 016 Wedding Gown Ades

Thank you to Katie and the team at Hera, I can’t stress enough how easy the team made finding the right dress, fit and process go, but also how my size was completely irrelevant as they have dresses for every walk of life. If you are engaged, plus size or not, I can’t recommend visiting Hera Couture enough.

Caitlin Scott Highlights 120 Wedding Gown Ades
Caitlin Scott Highlights 138 Wedding Gown Ades

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