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Amy and Josh

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Amy and Josh

Vignalunga in Castiglione D'Orcia, Tuscany

Set in the rolling hills of Tuscany our beautiful bride Amy tells us a bit about her day in her own works "Intimate, really fun, love-filled, emotional and I have to say magical. To be surrounded by 50 of your most loved people in the picturesque rolling hills of Tuscany is something dreams are made of" - Amy

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A little on how they met:

“I am a full time yoga teacher and I used to put on stretching classes for the athletes at a Crossfit gym. Josh would come to them every week, he was the quiet architect with a big beard that wouldn’t really talk to me. A year later, when he found out I was single, he very confidently asked me out…for breakfast, lunch and dinner all on the same day. I said yes to dinner and here we are.”

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I look back at the photos in absolute awe. To have our son there, running around in his nappy, making people laugh during the ceremony and dancing during cocktail hour encouraged everyone to be care-free, joyous and celebrate just like a child! Pure magic

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On how she knew the Casado gown was “The One”:

I always pictured and knew I would get married in a slim tight fitted dress. I never wanted a big dress with lots of layers. I found a dress, sat on it for a while, and during this time I had so many people say “oh what’s the dress like, tight, slim and backless?”…

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When I went to try the dress again,  a) I couldn’t dance in a tight dress and b) knew I would struggle to pick up my son. I tried the Casado gown as a “just for fun, I won’t actually buy it”, I put the dress on and actually spun in circles. It was so fun, light and stunning, plus my Mum cried so I knew that was the one.

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“I am glad I didn’t wear a dress everyone expected me to wear. I read an article before we got married that said “this is the one day you can wear that dress you will never, ever wear again” And that’s what Casado felt for me. I was comfortable and felt beautiful, and to have my son playing in the layered skirt all day was so sweet and special”

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