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Why Hera Couture and Katie Yeung are dedicated to quality over quantity

It’s a romantic notion imagining a world where we once visited specialist shops for everything we needed. A cobbler for our shoes, a baker for our bread, or perhaps haberdashery, confectionary, or millinery stores. This was back when each discipline had their own independent retail outlets and were run by owners who knew everything there was to know about their chosen field.

In contrast, today we live in a world where specialist retailers have been (or are being) replaced by supermarkets, big box department stores, and cut price online shopping apps.

This results in communities losing local services and the experts that go with them. Instead those holding the knowledge are corporations not individuals. 


Hera Couture wants to fight this era of fast fashion and homogenised products.

Katie grew up in a dressmaking shop, learning to sew from her mother and she is passionate about using this wisdom to create wedding gowns that last, fit perfectly and which are designed for individuals.

Her skills in drafting, construction and corsetry, and her time working daily with real women, has led Katie to become a master of fit for women of all sizes and personalities.

While Katie used to make everything herself, the growth of Hera Couture has meant she must pass this responsibility on. Today, she handpicks ateliers, pattern makers, and seamstresses from her hometown of Hong Kong. Each is chosen because of their expertise and precision, and the results are impeccable. Like the artisans of yesteryear, our off-shore team have irreplaceable knowledge.

In fact, their skills are so valuable, there is no way we can get away with not looking after them! This is why we are committed to supporting all our contractors and making them part of the Hera family.


We at Hera Couture are incredibly proud of the craftmanship seen in each our gowns, as well as the heritage and tradition passed down from Katie’s mother that is embodied in the unrivalled fit that Hera is so well known for.

While we understand that budget can be a consideration for some brides, we also believe that a wedding dress is an irreplaceable item that should last for more than one generation. And that is something we at Hera Couture, without a doubt, can guarantee.

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