La Raine

With intricate hand pleating and draping details, the regal silhouettes hug the figure while perfectly supporting and accentuating curves. Strapless gowns highlight a bride’s beauty while off-the-shoulder sleeves are a nod to the classic and timeless styles of past eras, adding a touch of romanticism and femininity. Crush Satin, French Crepe, bonded crepe, Royal Organza and Hera’s signature Stretch Mikado, have all been selected for their ability to drape and flow, creating a sense of effortless elegance and fluidity. These luxurious fabrics give the gowns an opulent, royal feel combined with modern crispness. Hera’s La Raine collection strikes that perfect balance between strength and softness, elegance and ease, with each gown a testament to a woman's power and confidence. This season’s brides can now experience the enchantment of La Raine and become the queen they were born to be.